Welcome to the TBC Gutter Guard Hall of Shame

You've seen the commercials, no more climbing ladders, no more risking life and limb to clean your gutters.  Just give us a call and you'll be set for life! Just sign right here.


Wrong! Gutter guards are not not immune to mother nature's wrath.


Unfortunately, pine needles, pests and leaves never saw the commercials and don't know that they are prevented from entering gutters "protected" by guards. In fact, honest gutter guard companies should be pointing out that even with their awesome guards you will still need regular cleanings! And the price to clean gutters with guards is more expensive to do than those that do not have guards installed.

Something else to consider. During a heavy downpour gutter guards can become overwhelmed by the higher than normal volume of water causing the water to overflow from the gutters which can lead to damage to your home.

Before you sign that contract take a look at some of the recent inductees into our Hall of Shame.  Buyer beware. 

mesh guards failure pic 2.jpg
gutter guard failure.jpg
gutter guard failure 2.jpg
gutter helmet style gutter guard with st
IMG_2198 (2).JPG
IMG_2199 (2).JPG

Piled debris causes damns that prevent water from reaching the gutters and can lead to costly damage to your home.

down spout guard 1.jpeg
down spout guard 2.jpeg
down spout guard 3.jpeg
Check out these downspout screens, maybe you should just have the gutters cleaned on a regular basis