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  • Terry Van Hoose

Gutter cleaning and climate change

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It is important to recognize that changes in weather patterns can play havoc with the water cycle. Climate change can lead to increased risks of both heavy rains and extreme droughts. What does this have to do with your home's rain gutter system? Heavy downpours can quickly stress them. Depending on their size and condition, they may not be able to handle the large volume of water. Gutters are designed to guide water away from your home. If they can't work as designed your home might become exposed to costly to repair water damage and mold. Undersized gutters attached to homes with steeply pitched roofs are a common problem in the greater triangle. Add a bunch of twigs, leaves and pine needles and you can quickly have issues. At the opposite end of the climate spectrum, drought can also pose risks to your home as piles of dry debris in your gutters can become a fire hazard. A regular maintenance plan is of utmost importance.

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